Character Set


Greek symbols

Currency symbols

Arrow mark

Other symbols


ASCII Character Set

Char Number Description
  0 - 31 control characters (see below)
  32 space
! 33 exclamation mark
" 34 quotation mark
# 35 number sign
$ 36 dollar sign
% 37 percent sign
& 38 ampersand
' 39 apostrophe
( 40 left parenthesis
) 41 right parenthesis
* 42 asterisk
+ 43 plus sign
, 44 comma
- 45 hyphen
. 46 period
/ 47 slash
0 48 digit 0
1 49 digit 1
2 50 digit 2
3 51 digit 3
4 52 digit 4
5 53 digit 5
6 54 digit 6
7 55 digit 7
8 56 digit 8
9 57 digit 9
: 58 colon
; 59 semicolon
< 60 less-than
= 61 equals-to
> 62 greater-than
? 63 question mark
@ 64 at sign
a 65 uppercase a
b 66 uppercase b
c 67 uppercase c
d 68 uppercase d
e 69 uppercase e
f 70 uppercase f
g 71 uppercase g
h 72 uppercase h
i 73 uppercase i
j 74 uppercase j
k 75 uppercase k
l 76 uppercase l
m 77 uppercase m
n 78 uppercase n
o 79 uppercase o
p 80 uppercase p
q 81 uppercase q
r 82 uppercase r
s 83 uppercase s
t 84 uppercase t
u 85 uppercase u
v 86 uppercase v
w 87 uppercase w
x 88 uppercase x
y 89 uppercase y
z 90 uppercase z
[ 91 left square bracket
\ 92 backslash
] 93 right square bracket
^ 94 caret
_ 95 underscore
` 96 grave accent
a 97 lowercase a
b 98 lowercase b
c 99 lowercase c
d 100 lowercase d
e 101 lowercase e
f 102 lowercase f
g 103 lowercase g
h 104 lowercase h
i 105 lowercase i
j 106 lowercase j
k 107 lowercase k
l 108 lowercase l
m 109 lowercase m
n 110 lowercase n
o 111 lowercase o
p 112 lowercase p
q 113 lowercase q
r 114 lowercase r
s 115 lowercase s
t 116 lowercase t
u 117 lowercase u
v 118 lowercase v
w 119 lowercase w
x 120 lowercase x
y 121 lowercase y
z 122 lowercase z
{ 123 left curly brace
| 124 vertical bar
} 125 right curly brace
~ 126 tilde


Char Number Entity Description
&#8704; &forall; for all
&#8706; &part; partial differential
&#8707; &exist; there exists
&#8709; &empty; empty sets
&#8711; &nabla; nabla
&#8712; &isin; element of
&#8713; &notin; not an element of
&#8715; &ni; contains as member
&#8719; &prod; n-ary product
&#8721; &sum; n-ary summation


Char Number Entity Description
Α &#913; &alpha; greek capital letter alpha
Β &#914; &beta; greek capital letter beta
Γ &#915; &gamma; greek capital letter gamma
Δ &#916; &delta; greek capital letter delta
Ε &#917; &epsilon; greek capital letter epsilon
Ζ &#918; &zeta; greek capital letter zeta


Char Number Entity Description
© &#169; &copy; copyright sign
® &#174; &reg; registered sign
&#8364; &euro; euro sign
&#8482; &trade; trademark
&#8592; &larr; leftwards arrow
&#8593; &uarr; upwards arrow
&#8594; &rarr; rightwards arrow
&#8595; &darr; downwards arrow
&#9824; &spades; black spade suit
&#9827; &clubs; black club suit
&#9829; &hearts; black heart suit
&#9830; &diams; black diamond suit


Char Dec Hex Entity Currency name
835220a0 euro-currency sign
835320a1 colon sign
835420a2 cruzeiro sign
835520a3 french franc sign
835620a4 lira sign
835720a5 mill sign
835820a6 naira sign
835920a7 peseta sign
836020a8 rupee sign
836120a9 won sign
836220aa new sheqel sign
836320ab dong sign
836420ac&euro;euro sign
836520ad kip sign
836620ae tugrik sign
836720af drachma sign
836820b0 german penny symbol
836920b1 peso sign
837020b2 guarani sign
837120b3 austral sign
837220b4 hryvnia sign
837320b5 cedi sign
837620b8 tenge sign
837720b9 indian rupee sign

Arrow mark

Char Dec Hex Entity Arrow name
85962194&harr;left right arrow
85972195 up down arrow
85982196 north west arrow
85992197 north east arrow
86002198 south east arrow
86012199 south west arrow
85922190&larr;leftwards arrow
85932191&uarr;upwards arrow
85942192&rarr;rightwards arrow
85952193&darr;downwards arrow
8606219e leftwards two headed arrow
8607219f upwards two headed arrow
860821a0 rightwards two headed arrow
860921a1 downwards two headed arrow
8602219a leftwards arrow with stroke
8603219b rightwards arrow with stroke
8604219c leftwards wave arrow
8605219d rightwards wave arrow
861421a6 rightwards arrow from bar
861521a7 downwards arrow from bar
861621a8 up down arrow with base
861721a9 leftwards arrow with hook
861821aa rightwards arrow with hook
861921ab leftwards arrow with loop
862021ac rightwards arrow with loop
861021a2 leftwards arrow with tail
861121a3 rightwards arrow with tail
861221a4 leftwards arrow from bar
861321a5 upwards arrow from bar
862721b3 downwards arrow with tip rightwards
862821b4 rightwards arrow with corner downwards
862921b5&crarr;downwards arrow with corner leftwards
862121ad left right wave arrow
862221ae left right arrow with stroke
862321af downwards zigzag arrow
862421b0 upwards arrow with tip leftwards
862521b1 upwards arrow with tip rightwards
862621b2 downwards arrow with tip leftwards
863321b9 leftwards arrow to bar over rightwards arrow to bar
863421ba anticlockwise open circle arrow
863521bb clockwise open circle arrow
863621bc leftwards harpoon with barb upwards
863721bd leftwards harpoon with barb downwards
863821be upwards harpoon with barb rightwards
863921bf upwards harpoon with barb leftwards
864021c0 rightwards harpoon with barb upwards
864121c1 rightwards harpoon with barb downwards
863021b6 anticlockwise top semicircle arrow
863121b7 clockwise top semicircle arrow
863221b8 north west arrow to long bar
864821c8 upwards paired arrows
864921c9 rightwards paired arrows
865021ca downwards paired arrows
865121cb leftwards harpoon over rightwards harpoon
865221cc rightwards harpoon over leftwards harpoon
865321cd leftwards double arrow with stroke
865421ce left right double arrow with stroke
865521cf rightwards double arrow with stroke
865621d0&larr;leftwards double arrow
864221c2 downwards harpoon with barb rightwards
864321c3 downwards harpoon with barb leftwards
864421c4 rightwards arrow over leftwards arrow
864521c5 upwards arrow leftwards of downwards arrow
864621c6 leftwards arrow over rightwards arrow
864721c7 leftwards paired arrows
866321d7 north east double arrow
866421d8 south east double arrow
866521d9 south west double arrow
866621da leftwards triple arrow
866721db rightwards triple arrow
866821dc leftwards squiggle arrow
866921dd rightwards squiggle arrow
867021de upwards arrow with double stroke
867121df downwards arrow with double stroke
867221e0 leftwards dashed arrow
867321e1 upwards dashed arrow
865721d1&uarr;upwards double arrow
865821d2&rarr;rightwards double arrow
865921d3&darr;downwards double arrow
866021d4&harr;left right double arrow
866121d5 up down double arrow
866221d6 north west double arrow
868021e8 rightwards white arrow
868121e9 downwards white arrow
868221ea upwards white arrow from bar
868321eb upwards white arrow on pedestal
868421ec upwards white arrow on pedestal with horizontal bar
868521ed upwards white arrow on pedestal with vertical bar
868621ee upwards white double arrow
868721ef upwards white double arrow on pedestal
868821f0 rightwards white arrow from wall
868921f1 north west arrow to corner
867421e2 rightwards dashed arrow
867521e3 downwards dashed arrow
867621e4 leftwards arrow to bar
867721e5 rightwards arrow to bar
867821e6 leftwards white arrow
867921e7 upwards white arrow
869721f9 left right arrow with vertical stroke
869821fa leftwards arrow with double vertical stroke
869921fb rightwards arrow with double vertical stroke
870021fc left right arrow with double vertical stroke
870121fd leftwards open-headed arrow
870221fe rightwards open-headed arrow
870321ff left right open-headed arrow
869021f2 south east arrow to corner
869121f3 up down white arrow
869221f4 right arrow with small circle
869321f5 downwards arrow leftwards of upwards arrow
869421f6 three rightwards arrows
869521f7 leftwards arrow with vertical stroke
869621f8 rightwards arrow with vertical stroke